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February at Todd Harmon Orthodontics

February 15th, 2018

We can hardly believe we’re halfway through another month, but it’s true that time flies when you’re busy! With Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, American Heart Month and National Acts of Kindness Day all happening in February, our calendar is full of things to celebrate.

Believe it or not, we are still going strong with our New Year’s resolutions. Our goal this year is to inspire young people to care more about dental health and of course, give them spectacular smiles. Well, we’re happy to report we are doing just that! We’ve attended several school health fairs and career days that have given us the opportunity to spread the word about good dental habits and professions in the dental and orthodontic fields. Who knows, we may have inspired a few future doctors in the making!

We love Valentine’s Day for the fun decorations, candy hearts and the chance to tell our patients how much we appreciate them. Next time you’re in the office, take a guess at how many Hershey’s Kisses are in the jar and you could win $25 American Express gift card!

February is American Heart Month and we think it’s so important to spread awareness about heart disease. Since it’s the leading cause of death in American men and women, knowing the signs of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease can save a life. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet are great ways to reduce your risk of developing heart issues. When we’re in need of a heart-healthy recipe, we love to browse www.eatingwell.com! They have lots of healthy and delicious recipes to choose from, like pistachio-crusted chicken and turkey and wild rice soup.

Did you know that February 17th is National Acts of Kindness Day? While we encourage spreading kindness all year long, we love the opportunity to come up with creative ideas to share the love. Kind gestures can be big or small. Try leaving a positive message on a sticky note at work, school or on a random window. It’s possible the person who reads it might have needed that little bit of encouragement!

We hope this month is filled with love and kindness for your family. Have a wonderful February and we hope to see you in the office soon!


Team Dark Chocolate

February 14th, 2018

Valentine’s Day is the holiday to celebrate all the treasured relationships in your life. It’s a time to honor love in all shapes and forms with cards, social gatherings, and sometimes even binge eating of sweets.

It's hard to look the other way when grocery stores and pharmacies are invaded with goodies connected to the Valentine’s Day theme, and especially if you’re on the receiving end of some of these sweets. We get it. In fact, we’re all for it!

However, we also support a cavity-free smile. So in the interest of your dental and general health, and because we think it’s genuinely tasty, Dr. Harmon recommends an alternative to the Valentine treats you may be accustomed to: dark chocolate. 

Yes, Healthy Chocolate Exists

Studies have shown that dark chocolate is high in flavonoids, an ingredient found in the cocoa beans used to make chocolate. Flavonoids can help protect the body against toxins, reduce blood pressure, and improve blood flow to the heart and brain.

By opting for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, you get to reap these benefits! Pretty sweet, right? Just make sure to stick to high-quality dark chocolates that have undergone minimal processing.

Dark Chocolate, AKA Protector of Teeth

Not only does dark chocolate provide some nice benefits for your overall health, it also helps protect your teeth against cavities! According to the Texas A&M Health Science Center, dark chocolate contains high amounts of tannins, another ingredient present in cocoa beans.

Tannins can actually help prevent cavities by interfering with the bacteria that causes them. Think of them as scarecrows for bacteria. They don’t always prevail, but isn’t it nice to have them there?

Smooth Never Sticky

Unlike many popular candies, dark chocolate is less likely to stick in the crevices of your teeth. Chewy, gooey sweets are more likely to hang around in your mouth for longer periods of time, which means they raise the odds of your harboring cavity-creating bacteria.

While some dark chocolates have additives like caramel or marshmallow, it’s best to opt for the plain varieties, which are just as delicious. If you’re feeling festive, though, a dark chocolate with caramel is still better than a milk chocolate with caramel, so that’s the way to go!

While dark chocolate has some pretty sweet benefits, the most important thing to remember (whether you go the dark chocolate route or not), is that moderation is key. That being said, we hope you have fun satisfying your sweet tooth and shopping for treats for your friends and loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Todd Harmon Orthodontics!

My mouth is dry. What can I do?

February 7th, 2018

Nobody likes a dry mouth. It is an uncomfortable and sometimes oddly unexplainable sensation that most people like to avoid. It is not a condition that automatically sends you into a panic about your health, however, a dry mouth can be a bother and something you certainly want to change if possible. So, if you find yourself in the unpleasant position of having a dry mouth, here is what you can do.

Chew Sugar-free Gum: Chewing sugar-free gum will stimulate saliva in your mouth. The chewing motion of your jaw and teeth should take care of at least some of your dry mouth problem.

Suck on Sugar-free Candy: Similarly to chewing sugar free gum, if you suck on sugar free candy it should create more saliva in your mouth and moisturize it in the process.

Cut out the Caffeine:Caffeine can contribute to a dry mouth so by limiting, or eliminating your intake all together, you may find that your dry mouth is no more.

Stop Using Tobacco Products: Tobacco is another cause of dry mouth. Whether it is smokeless tobacco products or cigarettes, if you stop using them your dry mouth will likely improve. And not to forget, these products are exceedingly bad for your oral health to begin with, so you will be doing your mouth a favor even more so.

Drink Lots of Water: It may seem obvious, but drinking lots of water will likely improve your dry mouth. This is because dry mouth is usually a sign of dehydration, so plenty of fluids will surely help.

Dry mouth can be unpleasant, but it is often easily solved by either drinking more water, or trying one of the previously mentioned techniques. If the problem still persists you can always visit our Sugar Land, Texas office to see Dr. Harmon. More often than not, doing one of the above will leave your mouth more moisturized than it was previously, and hopefully it will be long-lasting as well.

Going Beyond Braces

January 31st, 2018

At Todd Harmon Orthodontics, we aren’t just concerned with straightening your teeth and giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We are also committed improving the oral health and the well-being of all our patients. Dr. Harmon and our team strive to serve our patients by educating them about their treatments, as well as making them feel as comfortable as possible during their initial consultations up until the day they complete their treatments.

Making our patients more comfortable with taking care of their braces in between visits increases the likelihood that they will complete their treatments successfully. We want you to know that if you should ever have any questions about your orthodontic treatment, whether it’s during your adjustment appointment or after hours, we are always here for you and your family.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at our Sugar Land, Texas office or ask us any questions you may have on our Facebook page! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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